A featured TimeForge partner.

About PAR

PAR is a restaurant technology software, hardware and services company with global presence. We have been serving the industry for 40+ years with 500k+ terminals deployed in 110+ countries. We are the open platform for restaurant operators who innovate to win.

At PAR, we start with a promise to restaurants – to the guests, chefs, cashiers, cooks, first-time visitors and biggest fans – we won’t be a third wheel. What goes on between restaurants and the people you serve is special. It’s food and people. It’s that simple. And it only gets better when what we do is so well designed, and in tune with your needs, that it’s invisible. 

We’ve got 40 years of experience being the magic behind the scenes and putting restaurants big and small in the spotlight. We’re here to help restaurants do what they do best, putting broad innovation and smart hardware at your disposal. So you can turn each and every order into a unique and lasting relationship.

a photo of a par brink pos system

TimeForge + PAR

With the partnership between TimeForge and PAR, customers of both platforms benefit. Restaurants using TimeForge as their labor management platform can take advantage of PAR’s Brink and PixelPoint POS solutions. In turn, customers using PAR Brink or PixelPoint can optimize their labor with TimeForge’s cutting-edge sales forecasting and built-in labor compliance.

TimeForge for Franchisors

Better together

We build smart tools for busy people – so they can focus on what matters. Interested in a partnership? We’d love to hear from you!