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About Rain

Rain’s mission is to regrow individual freedom by giving people control over their income and finances. Earned wage access has become a necessity for today’s employers. Rain is an on-demand pay solution that allows employers to offer earned wage access to employees without any extra cost or administrative work.

How it works

Through the Rain smartphone app, your employees can access up to half of their earned wages on demand anytime. This is NOT a payday loan. This is an advance on wages that have already been earned.

Watch this video to learn more.

Benefits for employers

With Rain, employees can access their pay as soon as they’ve earned their money, as opposed to waiting for their scheduled payday. This results in higher productivity, reduced stress, decreased turnover, and more job applicants for employers.

Learn how Buche Foods implemented their EWA program through Rain.

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Tutorial for first-time users of the Rain app

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