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About WorkTrend

WorkTrend is a national payroll service that provides employers and their employees with an amazing HCM experience through world-class service and leading-edge technology.

More About WorkTrend

WorkTrend provides employers with the ultimate HCM experience by bringing together our leading-edge technology along with WorkTrend’s world-class service.

WorkTrend is not just another payroll service. WorkTrend implements, deploys, trains, and fully services our HCM platform. WorkTrend helps organizations thrive with digital HR, become proficient in payroll, ensure compliance, unlock workforce data, and deliver uncompromising human capital management technology. WorkTrend has streamlined integration with TimeForge.

WorkTrend is a full-service tax processor. Our service model includes a dedicated representative for every customer. Our representatives are prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. 

Power & Strength. Delivered through the most powerful cloud computing environment, Microsoft Azure™. 

Through our People Cloud Platform:

  • Over 5 million employees
  • Single code base for HR, Payroll, & Benefits
  • Over 145,000+ employers
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