Mark Employees as Cross-Trained

This one-page infographic is a handy, quick-reference guide that explains how to mark employees as cross-trained in TimeForge.

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This one-page infographic will walk you through the steps of marking someone as cross-trained in TimeForge.

What does it mean to cross-train employees?

Cross-training employees means teaching them different skills so they can do different jobs. Some examples include teaching customer service representatives how to use the product they are selling, or teaching assembly line workers how to do quality control.

Cross-training can also refer to training employees in different departments so they can understand more about how the company works as a whole. In short, there are many benefits of cross-training employees.

Why is cross-training important for restaurants and retailers?

Cross-training can be helpful for businesses because it allows employees to cover for each other when someone is out sick or on vacation. Cross-training also helps employees feel more valued and motivated, and it can make them better at their jobs.

When you cross-train your employees, you are investing in their future with your company. They will be able to take on more responsibilities, and they will be able to fill in for each other when needed. For example, if you have a customer service representative who is also cross-trained in sales, they can cover for the sales team when someone is out.

If you are thinking about cross-training your employees, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to identify the skills that you want your employees to learn. Second, you need to find the time to train them. And third, you need to make sure that they are actually learning the skills you are teaching them.

You can use TimeForge to track employees’ skill levels and whether or not they are cross-trained in different positions. By marking employees as cross-trained, you can schedule them more efficiently in TimeForge.

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