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How to pick up Transfer Bid Shifts

Let your employees know how to pick up shifts from nearby locations using transfer bids.

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With TimeForge’s transfer bid system, employees can easily pick up shifts from nearby locations. This helps employees work more hours at times that work for them. It also helps managers ensure better coverage across stores without having to hire new staff. Post this flyer at work or distribute it among your staff to let them know that transfer bid shifts are an option.

What are transfer bid shifts?

Transfer bid shifts are shifts that employees can pick up from nearby locations. Normally, employees have a “home location” where they perform most of their work.

With transfers, an employee can opt into shifts that are at other locations nearby. For example, a cashier who normally works at store #42 could drive over to store #40 for a shift, because that store is short on cashiers. This can help the business maintain adequate staffing levels across locations without incurring labor law or fair workweek penalties. It also allows employees to work extra hours when they need to. But don’t worry – TimeForge can warn managers if a shift is likely to incur overtime.

One of the great things about the system is that any transfer hours can be billed appropriately to the location and department in which they were worked. This ensures that the employee’s home location doesn’t pay for hours worked elsewhere. In addition, managers at both locations always know the status of the transfer. The system doesn’t leave anyone, employee or managers, in the dark.

To learn more, check out this guide. It will walk you through the process of scheduling and approving transfer bid shifts, so you can take advantage of their benefits.

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