Onboarding New Hires in 6 Easy Steps

This handy one-page PDF will guide you through the process of hiring and onboarding an applicant in TimeForge in just 6 simple steps.

The 6 steps to onboarding new hires in TimeForge. Thumbnail image.

Table of Contents

How to onboard new hires

This full-color PDF cheat sheet can be saved to your desktop and used for training new management. It can also be printed and pinned next to the computer. It covers the 6 simple steps of hiring in TimeForge using our built-in Applicant Tracking features:

  1.  Access the Applicants page
  2. Select the applicant you want to hire
  3. Hire the applicant
  4. Select whether you’d like to assign an HR activity and how you want the new hire to log into TimeForge
  5. Save your changes
  6. Archive the remaining applicants
For more step-by-step guidance (with pictures), see our online user guide.

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