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Labor Management Software for Any Industry

Designed to save you time and money

Stylized image of a schedule created by TimeForge's labor management software

Managing employee schedules and labor costs in the retail, hospitality, and food service industries has never been easierTimeForge labor management software keeps staff members “in the loop” and managers on the floor.

Our platform includes restaurant scheduling software, fingerprint time clocks for grocery stores, and sales forecasting and AI for sales driven businesses. With team messaging features, employees and supervisors are always on the same page.

Smart labor management has never been so easy.

Full labor management platform

TimeForge is a full labor management suite with all the tools you need to get things done.

Track job applicants easily and hire them with a single click

The employee life cycle starts with a compelling job post, but it doesn’t end there. With TimeForge, design and publish job postings, track your applicants, and then hire the best candidates with a single click.

Save time with templates

Design a job posting once, save it as a template, and reuse it again and again. With TimeForge, there’s no need to recreate the wheel every time you hire a new cashier or wait staff.

Identify the best candidates 

Easily create workflows for your job positions to keep things consistent. Ensure that each candidate goes through the same interview and application process.

Skip the manual entry 

When you hire a job applicant in TimeForge, our software automatically transfers their application details and fills out their employee profile. Easy!

Create pain free employee schedules in seconds

Every employee schedule created by TimeForge reduces labor costs and increases profits. Quickly and easily create schedules that meet your projected sales and labor targets while staying within your labor budget.

Automatically assign shifts

Why spend hours creating an employee schedule when it can be done in seconds? Our AutoScheduler™ system assigns the best shifts to your staff in mere seconds. 

Build schedules from templates

Easy templates mean managers can skip the tedium of recreating the same schedule each week. Even better, our forecasting engine builds entire schedules based on your projected labor needs. Voila!

Keep employees happy

Allow employees to pick up open shifts, as well as swap shifts with their coworkers quickly and easily. Then, review and approve their requests.

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Manage and track employee attendance

Keeping track of employee hours doesn’t have to be a time consuming chore. TimeForge makes it easy to track and edit attendance from one centralized dashboard.

Manage employee overtime

Set pay rules for your entire company, specific positions, or individual staff members. Keep tabs on overtime expenses and stay compliant with state and local labor laws.

Enforce your schedules

When you use TimeForge attendance and scheduling together, you have the power to enforce your schedules. Set grace periods to allow early or late clock-ins and prevent employees from riding the clock.

Clock in and out — your way

TimeForge offers multiple ways for staff to clock in and out, including fingerprint timeclocks and using our mobile apps. You can even restrict clock-ins so that they can only be done on certain networks or at specific computers.

Stay compliant, thereby avoiding costly fines

Tracking paid and unpaid breaks is a pain for restaurants and retailers, especially if you’re in a highly regulatory state like California. But it doesn’t have to be.

Get instant alerts about compliance issues

Stay out of hot water by making sure you’re compensating your staff for overtime, split shifts, and clopens. In addition, TimeForge can alert you of compliance issues as you’re scheduling, so that you don’t make costly mistakes.

Enforce meal periods and breaks

Quickly schedule breaks and meal periods, and then enforce those schedules. Or, simply let staff take breaks as needed. Don’t get hit by heavy fines because you failed to pay your workforce for missed lunches or required breaks.

Manage holiday pay easily

Create Holiday Calendars to automatically pay employees overtime according to company policy or state laws. Again, you don’t want to get slammed with heavy fines because you failed to record hours as overtime.

Manage employee time off requests and availability

TimeForge reduces employee turnover by simplifying the process for managing and recording employee requests, whether for time off or to indicate that they’re available to work — our software handles both!

Track and manage requests with ease

Approve or deny employee requests for time off. In addition, TimeForge also supports “want to work” requests. Employees can submit requests from the browser or from anywhere using the TimeForge employee mobile app.

Automatically calculate paid time off

TimeForge calculates paid time off (PTO), sick leave, vacation time, and other eligible leave types based on the guidelines you specify.

Notify employees of the status of their requests

Once a time off request is approved, the employee is notified. TimeForge will alert you if you attempt to schedule someone who is on leave.

Communicate quickly and effectively with your team

TimeForge provides several efficient means for connecting with your workforce no matter where you are. We understand how important it is to get the message across.

Send a message to one employee or all

Make an announcement to your entire company or location, or just the people you specify. Let your team know about big business changes, new rules or procedures, or adjustments to operating hours.

Stay on top of the day-to-day with a digital log book

TimeForge includes a digital log book, the Daily log, which helps managers stay on top of daily operations. Use it to log customer feedback, set time for training with staff, report spills or equipment problems — pretty much anything! It works just like a three ring binder, except you can access it anywhere. And unlike a paper log book, it can never be lost, stolen, or damaged.

Manage one-time or recurring tasks

In addition to a digital log book, TimeForge supports task management. Assign one-time or recurring tasks to employees and be alerted when tasks are completed — or when they’re not.

Call, email, or text at the tap of a button

Have the TimeForge mobile app? Simply open an employee record and tap a button to call, text, or email them. Yep, it’s that easy!

Stay on target with powerful yet easy-to-use tools

When you have the right tools at your fingertips, you can spend less time in a back office and more time on the floor.

View sales and labor data from anywhere

Integrate your point-of-sale to bring your sales data directly into TimeForge, where you can make use of robust reporting tools and email alerts. On top of that, access your data from anywhere — all you need is a browser or a mobile phone.

Make informed decisions

Track your sales and labor costs together to make informed decisions crucial to your business. See visually whether your sales are lining up with what you expect. Review sales and labor by hours, cost, or shifts, and look at time punches to compare budgeted labor to actual labor.

Build your own custom report in seconds

Pick your report type (sales, labor, employee, etc.), then choose the data you want to see. It’s as simple as that. Or, choose from one of many prebuilt reports for schedules, labor, sales, and more.