5 Tips for Attracting Top-Tier Employees

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The employees that work for your company are representatives of your business, and as such, you want to hire the most qualified individuals you can find.

Developing an effective recruitment strategy should be part of your overall business planning and branding strategy.

In this post, we present 5 tips for attracting top-tier employees.

Tip #1 for Attracting Top-Tier Employees: Set Yourself Apart

One way to attract well-qualified candidates is to differentiate yourself from your competition. To start, do a little bit of legwork and find out what types of salaries and fringe benefits your competitors are offering and look for ways to match or beat them.

According to Business News Daily, many employees say that a flexible work schedule and the choice to work remotely can be a big perk. (This is why sites like Jooble with flexible job postings are so popular!)

If you offer mentoring, professional development, exceptional health benefits, retirement, or vacation packages, clearly describe these things in your job listings. Job seekers want to know they’ll be challenged, given the chance to use their skill sets, and have the opportunity to advance in a well-respected company.

Bonus Tip: TimeForge’s hiring and onboarding tools allow you to create job description templates to reuse across your business. Create job listings inside TimeForge, push them to Indeed.com, and watch the resumes come in. Then, track the best applicants and hire them with a single click.

Tip #2: Create Detailed Job Descriptions

The first step in attracting top-tier employees is fully defining each role in a well-written job description.

According to Recruiting.com, the description should include an overview of the position and its duties. It should also outline the desired education and experience you want to see.

If there are special types of skill sets prospects should have, detail those as well, especially if you need applicants to have a working knowledge of some types of equipment or software programs.

Your job description should be utilized in all ad postings, as well as given to applicants prior to interviews to ensure they know the criteria for the position.

Tip #3: Develop a Recruitment Video

Using animation or even video clips as a recruiting tool can help differentiate your company from others in your industry. Adding some audio from libraries of royalty-free music, which you can find online, will also give the video a more upbeat feel—making it all the more appealing!

Prospective employees can get a better feel for your company if they watch a recruiting video that includes a tour of corporate offices, first-person interviews with existing team members, and snippets of managers and upper-level executives talking about the company’s values, objectives, community involvement, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Videos allow potential staffers to get a feel for what it would be like to work for you. It’s a great way to attract top-tier employees that are a good fit for your business.

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Tip #4: Recruit Internally

It can be difficult to get a sense for someone based on just their résumé and cover letter alone. Developing an internal recruitment strategy encourages your existing team to make recommendations to people in their professional and social circles.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to attract top-tier employees, especially during the worker shortage. Using this approach, you’re more likely to get assurances from an existing trusted employee.

Let your staff know when you’re hiring, provide them with the job description, and consider offering a monetary incentive for those who refer qualified candidates to the company.

Along that same line, promote from within when you can. It’s a great retention strategy and allows you to hang on to tribal knowledge. 

Tip #5: Utilize Internet Recruiting Strategies

Your website and your social media pages are great ways to reach a wide audience of prospective job seekers.

In your posts, provide a compelling story about your company. Discuss your corporate culture, mission statement, and accolades that would be of interest to candidates. Consider using a banner to draw attention to your current hiring campaign. You can create an eye-catching design through a graphic artist.

Or, save time and money by doing it yourself using an online banner maker to design a customized look for your website and social media feeds. Alternatively, you can use a text-to-image generator AI to quickly create professional-looking banners and graphics for your website and social media feeds.

To use a banner maker, simply find a template that matches your company style and customize it.

What’s next after attracting top-tier employees?

Recruiting employees can be a time and money-intensive project, so you want to take an organized approach. But it doesn’t end when the new team member signs a job offer letter.

Once you make a hire, provide effective onboarding and certification training. The faster employees settle in and feel like they’re part of the team, the more productive and engaged they’ll be.

And don’t forget to work on building a loyal employee culture! Your employees can be some of your business’s greatest advocates if you give them a good reason.

Need more help? TimeForge’s hiring and onboarding tools can be an asset when it comes to streamlining critical HR operations.

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Table of Contents

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