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TimeForge Co-Founder Anthony Presley Shares Advice with Forbes Readers

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In his latest Forbes piece, TimeForge co-founder Anthony Presley (currently the CTO of CBS NorthStar) shares 5 ways technology makes hiring and onboarding easier for restaurants. (Not a restaurateur? No problem. Anthony’s tips are just as applicable to other industries.)

The advice couldn’t have come at a better time.

WFM tech can be a boon to businesses

With the labor shortage continuing to be a thorn in the industry’s side, tech can be a huge help. But not all tech is equal, so it pays to look for certain things before choosing a workforce management (WFM) system. For example: quick implementation time.

“If a provider is quoting a months-long time frame,” Anthony writes, “it’s probably a signal that other changes — including support — will be slow as well.” He also recommends looking for a system with an easy import/export utility. Why? Because an import/export tool will allow you to quickly move your data in the event of an emergency. Or if you simply want to change providers at a later time.

And speaking of changing providers. One of Anthony’s most timely kernels of advice is to avoid getting locked into long-term contracts with vendors. There are good solution providers out there that don’t require a contract but will draft one if you want one. (We know because TimeForge is one such provider!)

With the pandemic constantly evolving and ransomware attacks on the rise, businesses should consider opting for a solution provider that doesn’t force them into a long-term contract. A lot can change in a year, and the ability to pivot quickly can make a huge difference between profit and loss in 2022 and beyond. If a contract is unavoidable, restaurants should at least seek reasonable terms for early cancellation and should avoid exorbitant cancellation fees, which are often in the fine print.

Anthony Presley in “5 Ways Technology Makes Hiring and Onboarding Easier for Restaurants” published on

You can check out the full article here. The advice is applicable to more than just restaurants. Retail and grocery can reap the same benefits, so it’s worth a read even if you’re not in foodservice.

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