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Welcome, Applicant Tracking, to the TimeForge Family!

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TimeForge now offers Applicant Tracking. And….you can post job openings onto the TimeForge job board, complete with job type, job descriptions, and job requirements. Imagine this … someone applies to the job you have posted and all of their information is automatically uploaded into the  your TimeForge account. Bam! No more paperwork. No more tedious data entry. Life just got a little easier.

Now that you have their application, what do you do next? Well, for each position you can create a list of things that must be done. Do you need to call references? Do a background check? Set up an interview? And when should you do all that? Well, once your steps are set up you can easily see what to do and when, and even schedule when each step should be taken.
You can also include a list of questions in the job application that each applicant has to answer before pressing the submit button. These questions can cover a variety of topics, from general requirements (what is your highest level of education) to personality traits (are you detail oriented). Once these answers are submitted it becomes easy to compare applicants based on their responses as well as learn a little more about them as a person.
As you go through the steps, you can track individual applicant’s progress in order to see where each one stands. And there is a special tab so that you can easily see which applicant needs attention or has a step scheduled for that day. Don’t forget to rate each applicant! Sally Sue made a great impression? Give her a ranking of 5 gold medals. Joe Schmoo not so much? Give him 2. Suddenly it’s easier to see at a glance who is the best candidate.

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