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Auto Supply Stores Need Staff Scheduling and Attendance Management Too!

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During bad economic periods, monitoring labor costs, employee schedules, and managing attendance are crucial to maintaining a profitable business in the auto parts and automobile supply industry.

Even in the best economic climates, staff scheduling for auto parts and supply stores can be a headache.   The manager building the employee schedule has to consider staff abilities and skills, the expected sales volume, employee availability and requests, accrued PTO (and sick and vacation time), labor laws for employees who are minors, overtime, and the total labor costs.

TimeForge works wonders for businesses in the auto supply or auto parts industries – managers and employees alike can benefit from the speed and clarity that TimeForge brings to the business.   Employees can check schedules online, request time off, view timecards, and send messages to other staff members.   Managers benefit from the instant employee scheduling, real-time notifications of schedule changes, employee messaging, and one-click payroll exports.

With TimeForge, employee turnover goes down, employee retention goes up, and profits rise.

Read more about TimeForge for Auto Supply and Automobile Parts businesses.

TimeForge labor management and employee scheduling software is used by owners and operators of automobile parts and auto supply stores, car washes, retail, food-service, and other service-oriented businesses around the world.   TimeForge will increase profitability, reduce turnover, and improve retention at your business!

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