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Calculate Holiday Pay with TimeForge

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
Calculating holiday pay is a pain for any manager or employer that chooses to offer it to their employees.  But TimeForge can help!  TimeForge has a feature that easily allows you to track and calculate holiday pay for employees so that you don’t have to crunch any more numbers.
This nifty feature is part of our Human Resources module  and is called the Holiday Pay Calendar. Managers can name the calendar whatever they want and have as many calendars in the system as they want. However, only one calendar can be assigned to each employee.
If your employees work holidays and get holiday pay, this is the perfect feature to use. Simply set up the calendar, assign a wage multiplier (often 1.5x normal pay), enter the dates that are holidays, and assign it to employees. Now the system will automatically give employees holiday pay if they work any of the days listed on the calendar and calculate the holiday pay associated with each day.
Do your employees get a paid day off work for holidays?  No problem!  TimeForge can handle that as an employee availability request and help managers process it more quickly and easily.  Employees simply put in a PTO request and ask for it to be paid.  Once the manager approves it, the employee will receive a holiday that is paid.
TimeForge simplifies the labor management process and helps you calculate holiday pay with ease.  No more tearing out your hair because your numbers were recorded wrong in that spread sheet.  TimeForge is here to help and save the day!

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