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Labor Management for Cell Phone Retailers

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Smart cell phone retailers are discovering that their operations can be more efficient and costs can be minimized. Ever-increasing competitiveness in the retail industry undoubtedly makes this retail arena one of the toughest to manage.
The most profit-sucking cost for most cell phone retailers also costs the most time. Employees require training, hiring, scheduling, and constant general labor management. Employees are definitely a company’s greatest asset, but how much time you spend poring over spreadsheets creating a staff schedule? If it takes you hours, you are not alone.
Retail employee scheduling is a real hassle. It can be complicated. Multiple shifts, part time employees, labor laws, and never-ending questions about the next week’s schedule (or worse, a missed shift), make retail shift scheduling a real headache. Employee turnover is a major cost that is highly affected by your scheduling practices. Reducing your turnover rate has far-reaching implications to the overall morale of your employees and management.
After figuring out the best scheduling option for your store, you probably find that you need to babysit your employees’ attendance to prevent time clock abuse (like buddy punches or riding the clock). Attendance monitoring is a hassle, but it’s definitely important for accurate labor forecasting and budget control.
Over-staffing will drain away your profits. Under-staffing will drain away your customers. It’s like walking a tightrope.
TimeForge enables cell phone retailers to shrink labor management paperwork time from hours to minutes.
With TimeForge, cell phone retailers like you have the ability to manage schedules at one or many locations, schedule employees with strong skill levels in the high volume shifts, and monitor and forecast your labor costs. TimeForge isn’t just a time-saver, it’s a budget-booster. In fact, TimeForge can increase retail profits by 3-5%.
Combine TimeForge’s ease-of-use with the ability to integrate simply with POS or payroll systems, to notify employees of upcoming schedules and schedule changes by email or text message (and the resultant drop in late or absent employees), and the ability to focus your energies on the urgent duties facing a retail manager on any given day (rather than mind-numbing scheduling minutia), and you’ll probably find that the time saved in the first week alone pays for the investment. Long term, TimeForge will reduce employee turnover and steadily maintain improved employee morale.
TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for cell phone retailers, but if you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users are saying here.

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