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Labor Management for Boutiques

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During challenging financial times, experienced boutique owners understand that competing with chain stores requires advertising know-how, faultless buying knowledge, excellent customer service, and flawless labor management.
Most boutique managers agree that the biggest time-drain and hassle is labor management.
You probably spend hours every week building complicated labor schedules, coordinating multiple part-time employees, their skill sets and availabilities, labor laws, meal breaks, accrued PTO, trying to staff for your store’s busiest times (without over-staffing in the quiet times), then repeating the whole process when an employee requests time off or a shift swap.
You probably follow the schedule building by notifying your staff about the schedule and updates about meetings, trainings, shift changes. Then, you need to monitor employee attendance to prevent time clock abuse like early clock ins and buddy punching. Then, you need to keep up with daily sales and activities within the store, and accurately forecast future labor needs and costs. However, in the daily scramble, some things on the list just get put off. When added up, these unfinished tasks can prove to be costly, especially when they lead to an increased turnover rate.
Impeccable retail labor management is important, but it definitely isn’t easy.   If you over-staff you lose money. If you under-staff you lose customers.
TimeForge enables boutique owners and managers to reduce the time spent on paperwork from hours to minutes, so you can spend your time more productively in the front of the store.
TimeForge’s ability to schedule employees with higher skill levels during high volume shifts and the ability to automatically monitor and forecast labor costs can increase boutique profits by 3-5%.
Consider TimeForge’s ability to notify your staff about upcoming schedules and schedule changes automatically through email or text message, the ability to integrate with your existing POS and payroll system, and the ability to refocus your energy on the everyday challenges instead of paperwork. The time saved in the first week alone pays for the investment.
TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for boutiques, but if you are still not convinced, read what TimeForge users are saying here.

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