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Labor Management for Dance Studios

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During a tough economic climate, a dance studio owner, manager, or director needs to handle classes, performances, billing, students (and their parents), hiring, training, marketing, taxes, employees, and keep a tight grip on financial management. If you find that you don’t have enough time to give each task the attention you want to give, you aren’t alone.  However, savvy studio managers know that to stay afloat during a recession (and to maximize your profits, regardless of the economy), you not only have to manage every task, but every task needs managed well.
Employee scheduling is a perfect example of the impact which careful attention can have on your bottom line. Dance studio labor management is difficult. Not only do each of your employees have a unique set of skills, availabilities, accrued PTO’s, and class time requests, but you also need to consider the necessity of adequate class coverage during times which are appealing to your students. An efficient labor schedule can be the difference between a successful studio with happy instructors, and total chaos with maximum turnover, so it’s important to invest in your employee schedule. However, it can be extremely difficult to create the perfect schedule when there are so many factors to consider and so little time.
If you over staff, you waste money. If you under-staff, you lose students.
You could easily spend several hours in an office, building a somewhat balanced, fair, and cost-effective schedule. Inevitably, however, an employee will have a last minute shift swap, illness, or time-off request, and you’ll need to start over. Then, after re-doing the entire scheduling process, you’ll need to notify all the employees about their shifts and classes (a second time), then monitor employee attendance (which is, in itself, a major energy drain) and field questions about the next week’s schedule.
TimeForge can literally reduce your labor management paperwork time from hours to minutes.
TimeForge enables you to build and manage schedules for one or many studio locations, schedule instructors and employees with specific skill levels in specific time slots, monitor attendance, and forecast future labor costs. All of these tasks can be done quickly and securely through TimeForge’s easy-to-use software, which you can access wherever you are, 24/7, from your computer, smart-phone, or social network account (like Facebook). TimeForge can increase dance studio profits by 3-5%.
TimeForge is an essential (and easy-to-use) labor management software for dance studio managers, but if you’re still not convinced, read what other TimeForge users say about the time and money they’ve saved with this easy to use staff scheduling software… or sign up today for your free trial and experience TimeForge for yourself!

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