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Labor Management for Police Departments

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Building a great police officer duty roster can be a hassle. It can be hard to maneuver several shifts, patrols, meal breaks, accrued PTO, and every officer’s individual availability (including time off requests and shift swaps), while also making sure that you have all the officers you need 24/7 without running into any unnecessary overtime. Labor management can be a headache, but it’s important.
It’s boring and endless. After you’ve gone over all the various factors and built a roster, you have to notify all the officers, face endless questions about next week’s schedule, and then rework the roster to allow for an illness or unexpected time off request, then re-notify all the officers… and probably do it all over again.
Great labor management used to be tedious and time-consuming. If it takes you hours, you are not alone. Luckily, TimeForge helps scheduling officers cut scheduling and attendance monitoring time from literally hours to minutes. With TimeForge, you can monitor your labor costs and overtime in real-time, and more accurately forecast future payroll costs and overtime.
Your officers are going to love it!
With TimeForge, you can inform officers of schedules, meetings, trainings, and any schedule updates by text message or email. They can check the password-protected employee portal 24/7 to view work schedules, view time cards, request time off, change their upcoming availability, swap shifts with other employees, and set up daily schedule alerts via text messaging or email.
You are going to love it!
You can create an officer schedule (no matter how complicated) in minutes (literally), easily try out several “what-if” scheduling scenarios (and return to your saved schedule without redoing it), and securely monitor attendance on site or remotely, using the web, a cell phone, or even Facebook.
If you’re still not convinced, read what other TimeForge users say about the time and money they’ve saved with this easy to use staff scheduling software… or sign up today for your free trial and experience TimeForge for yourself!

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