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Are Your Employee Schedules Safe from Heartbleed?

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Curious about how vulnerable your TimeForge employee schedules are in the wake of Heartbleed? Let us put your mind at ease.

By Jess Castner

So, by now you’ve probably heard of the Heartbleed bug that has potentially affected the internet security of millions of web surfers worldwide. Are you wondering if your information is safe? Worried that it may be better to vacate the web entirely? Well, before you crawl under a rock and back into the 1980s, give us a chance to explain! The information you store in TimeForge is safe and we promise to keep it that way.

First, what is Heartbleed? Essentially, the Heartbleed security bug, first discovered April 7, 2014, is a vulnerability in the way that data stored on servers is accessed. This may be any kind of information that you provide to a service, like email, social media, and online stores. Many of these sites have already issued corrective measures to ensure that data is safe in the future. This Heartbleed article has a list of popular sites that were affected and what you should do to protect yourself using them.

The exact nature of the bug is a little complicated, and quite frankly, a bit over this blogger’s head. If, like me, you primarily want to know what kind of information is vulnerable and what you should do, I recommend this potential threats article. It clearly and succinctly explains Heartbleed and gives great tips for protecting yourself from Heartbleed and, more generally, on the internet.

Now, TimeForge customers, are you wondering why all the good stuff you keep track of in TimeForge is okay? Well, we applaud your skepticism! You should be careful with your critical labor management records. Online security is very important, but rest assured, TimeForge has you covered. Using the web to schedule and manage your labor with TimeForge is as secure as using it to access your bank records. Of course, you should take time to create secure passwords and log out of user sessions to avoid your account being accessed by an unauthorized person, but the threat of a major security breach in TimeForge is very low. If you have specific questions regarding the security of the information and documents you keep in TimeForge, email us! We are happy to provide you with thorough documentation of our entire security process.
In the case of Heartbleed, TimeForge users are safe because of the frequency of TimeForge server updates. Services that were affected generally had not updated their servers in the last three years. Since TimeForge updates its servers frequently, users of our scheduling, attendance tracking, and other products don’t have to worry! TimeForge is, and will continue to be, a worthwhile and safe investment for your employees.

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