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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
Did you know good scheduling can go a long way to improve your workplace morale? Increasing workplace morale will lead to happier employees, which, in turn, leads to less turnover. That means you get to save money because you retain the employees you have and don’t have to spend money on training new ones. TimeForge makes it easy to schedule employees, thereby making the workplace a happier place. “How do we do this?”, you ask. Why, with the help of our Autoscheduler.
Employees whose availabilities and time off requests are taken into consideration tend to be happier around the workplace. For example, lets say you have a shift that both Joe Schmoo and Sally Sue can work. How do you decide who will work? With TimeForge’s Availability and Request system, employees can enter the times they are unavailable to work or would prefer not to work. Requests can be a one-time thing, such as “I need Friday off.”, or reoccurring, such as “I cannot work every Sunday.” So, if Joe Schmoo said he preferred not to work that shift, you can go ahead and give it to Sally Sue. Joe Schmoo will be happy to have that time off, and you will have your shift covered. And, of course, the Autoscheduler can do all this for you, so you don’t even have to spend the time figuring it out.
But that’s not all TimeForge can do to help increase workplace morale. TimeForge offers employees the opportunity to rank their shifts. It doesn’t take into account why a shift is good or bad — maybe a customer was rude, or the employee didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or they worked with another employee they don’t get along with — it is a simple thumbs up or thumbs down rating. The software starts to notice trends in employees’ shifts rankings. So, if Joe Schmoo always dislikes his shifts when working with Sally Sue, the software will notice that. Then, if possible, the Autoscheduler will schedule Joe Schmoo at a different time than Sally Sue. Joe is  happier every day at work, and you reduce your employee turnover.
On the same note, the Autoscheduler will notice if you are always scheduling Joe Schmoo for the Friday afternoon shift. And what’s even better is that the Autoscheduler learns. So, after Joe has had about 10 shifts or so, the Autoscheduler knows to give Joe that Friday afternoon shift. Autoscheduling employees has never been easier! Your schedules will improve (with less time being spent on your part) and your employees will be happier because of it.

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