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Employee Scheduling for Pools and Aquatics Centers

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Aquatics centers and pools are often a challenging employee scheduling environment. Pool managers must ensure that an adequate number of lifeguards are on duty for the number of swimmers in the pool, but also must monitor concession stands, front-office staff, trainers, coaches, cleaning crews, and management personnel.
State and local regulations often require regular breaks for on-duty employees, as well as staffing minimums for pool occupants. To further complicate the process, scheduling and attendance management needs to account for staff members who are underage, fluctuating school schedules, changing availability, young / inexperienced staff members, buddy punches, employees riding the clock, and much more!
Babysitting the time clock to ensure staff members aren’t riding the clock or punching each other in isn’t much fun, but successful aquatics center managers know that labor management can go a long way towards cutting budget draining labor costs.
Over-scheduling could drain away profits. Under-scheduling could drain away your customers (and get you fined!). Skillful scheduling of staff members for your pool isn’t easy – it can be tedious and time consuming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. TimeForge turns labor scheduling and attendance monitoring into a simple management task, giving you back your weekends and increasing profits.
Aquatics scheduling is simple with TimeForge! Read more about TimeForge employee scheduling and labor management for aquatics centers and pools.

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