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When Staff Members Clock In – Employees Can Witness

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One of our most recent feature improvement requests came from Greg Fong, owner of the Garden View restaurant in Nova Scotia, Canada.   Greg wanted to be able to enforce the employee schedule when employees clock in, so that he knows when employees are riding the clock or are coming in too early.
However, he also doesn’t want to have his managers running back and forth clocking employees in and overriding the schedule , this can fragment the managers time, defeating one of the main reasons he uses TimeForge – keeping the manager on the floor.
Greg proposed to allow his staff members to serve as “witnesses” for each other, allowing staff members to act as a temporary manager when clocking in early, or clocking out late.   This makes his staff accountable to one another and frees up the manager’s time.
Guess what? This is now available inside of TimeForge!   To turn on the Employee Witness capabilities, log in to your TimeForge account, and access the Attendance Options.   You will see an option to enable Employee Witnessing (by choosing Yes or No).
As always, your feedback on this feature is very important to us , what do you think?   Should staff members be allowed to “witness” for each other, taking over some of the responsibility of the manager?
TimeForge employee scheduling and labor management software is used by managers of restaurants, retail stores, and other hospitality and service-oriented businesses around the world. TimeForge will increase profitability, reduce turnover, and improve retention at your business!

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