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Fast Casual Restaurants Need Restaurant Scheduling Software Too!

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When you think of staff scheduling and restaurants, fast casual concepts might not be the first thing that comes to mind. They typically don’t employ wait staff. But in fact, these types of food service businesses can really benefit from scheduling software, too. Below, I talk about what fast casual restaurants are and why they need a good staff schedule.

What are fast casual restaurants?

Fast casual restaurants are a type of restaurant that originated in the 1980s and has risen in popularity since. Typically, they offer a wider range of healthier choices than most fast food chains. But, they don’t offer table service, and customers typically order at the counter before taking a seat to wait for their meal. (A typical example is Chipotle.)

Fast casual rose in popularity after fast food concepts began to wane during the mid-1980s.  With Americans looking for healthier dining options, the fast casual restaurant emerged as an alternative to traditional sit-down or quick service options. Options that were seen as less healthy by many people.

The rise of Chipotle has been attributed to its menu of tacos, burritos, and freshly prepared guacamole. Making these in front of customers adds an element of freshness that sets it apart from rivals like Taco Bell. The restaurant also has a reputation for healthier ingredients than traditional fast food chains offer.

Managing labor in a fast casual environment

If there was ever a particularly difficult labor management environment, it’s fast casual restaurants. Having a powerful restaurant scheduling software will allow the management staff to confirm that enough employees are present to meet customer needs, and also to avoid over-staffing. With a crowded restaurant, managers don’t have the time to keep an eye on the time clock and must frequently depend on employees to clock in and out at the correct time.

There are other difficulties when it come to fast casual restaurants. Overstaffing and understaffing can be a big problem. Scheduling too many employees at the restaurant could cost the business a bundle. Scheduling too few staff members might cost you customers. (Plus a few more reasons as to why employee scheduling for fast casual restaurants is important.)

Productive scheduling of the workforce for your business isn’t easy – it can be daunting and time consuming. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Labor scheduling and attendance monitoring turn into simple management tasks with TimeForge.
TimeForge will reduce turnover, improve retention, free up manager time, and increase profitability at your business! TimeForge employee scheduling and labor management software helps owners and operators of fast casual restaurants and other hospitality businesses around the world.

Still not convinced? Read up on how restaurant scheduling software can help. Or, sign up for a free trial of TimeForge today!

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