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A Free Attendance Monitoring Service: Can It Be?

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It was with our small business customers in mind that TimeForge created (forged?) new TimeForge Attendance Lite. We know that in small business, your labor needs are as diverse as the products and services you offer. You need a time-clock that is versatile to meet the demands of your growing business. Attendance Lite allows small-business owners to take control of their attendance needs without breaking the bank.

Maybe it’s small flower shop owner with one store location and a few employees. For years, attendance, including hours worked and over-time statistics, have been calculated by hand. As the shop becomes increasingly busy, owners no longer have the time or the patience to keep track of attendance this way. They need a method that is simple to use while still being cost-effective. For a small shop, a time clock and supporting software may not be practical or affordable. Not to mention installing and implementing such a system would require an untold amount of time that ought to spent on customers. Solution: TimeForge Attendance Lite. It’s a completely free online time clock that will save you an untold amount of time each week.

Create your free TimeForge Attendance Lite account and have the ability to track your employees hours, over-time and punches from any computer. Or, restrict access to one computer using a specific IP address. Small businesses that need a straightforward and cost-effective (can you say, “free”?!) way to track attendance will love how easy it is to make attendance entries and assess employees’ time with Attendance Lite. Even your grandma could use TimeForge Attendance and Attendance Lite. TimeForge Attendance Lite can support up to ten active users clocking in at a single location. Attendance Lite also comes with two reports to help you utilize all of the entries collected in the online time clock. Quickly calculate payroll. Enforce your schedule (Did we mention TimeForge Scheduling?). Make necessary decisions regarding your labor budget with accurate attendance information.

Attendance Lite is more relevant than ever to the business owner concerned with complying with Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Monitoring employee hours is a critical component to implementing Obamacare in your business and avoiding costly penalties. Many business owners will depend on the accuracy of their attendance monitoring to develop a strategy to approaching the new legislation and adjusting their labor accordingly. It’s time to determine if you are a small or large employer under Obamacare and whether you are required to offer healthcare to your employees. Even if you are a small employer, keeping accurate attendance records for your employees will protect you from potential penalties.

And now you can purchase the TimeForge Mobile TimeClock App for your smartphone or tablet and have a time clock that goes where your labor does. Even better, it is a mobile time clock that doesn’t require costly maintenance or a attendance software package with regular updates and down time. The TimeForge Mobile TimeClock app provides a versatile way for businesses to monitor attendance. Used with the free TimeForge Attendance Lite, it also delivers a smart solution for less than the cost of the average time clock . Now doesn’t that sound like a problem solved? TimeForge Mobile TimeClock eliminates the need for a separate time clock restricted to one specific location. For businesses on the go like farms, caterers and delivery, Mobile TimeClock means versatility and more time to get the job done. Whether you install it on a device that already serves your business, or you intend to designate a device specifically to be used as a time clock, Mobile TimeClock can accommodate your attendance needs. Together, TimeForge Attendance Lite and TimeForge Mobile TimeClock can inexpensively handle your attendance needs; and it can do it WHEREVER using the online time clock on either a smart device or any computer!

Get started with TimeForge Attendance Lite today. Integrate with Mobile TimeClock for even more versatility. When you’re ready, upgrade to TimeForge Attendance for more employees or TimeForge Max for comprehensive labor management. You have nothing to lose. It’s free and doesn’t it beat keeping all of your attendance on sticky notes?


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