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We are so excited about our new human resource management product, called TimeForge HR! This software streamlines the application and on-boarding processes, and keeps up with employee certification documents so you don’t have to. Perhaps most importantly, TimeForge HR prevents “The Stack” – that ominous heap of poorly organized applications and certifications that has been sitting in your office for months with only a brief frantic sifting once in a while. With TimeForge HR, all employee certifications and other important documents are compiled online into a single employee folder so you can access them any time, any place … eliminating The Stack!
When it comes to the food service and retail industries, it is imperative that management keep track of the certifications necessary for food handling and serving alcohol. Failing to properly monitor and document relevant employee certifications could lead to costly, reputation-damaging legal repercussions. For example, in many states, if the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Commission) catches an employee with an expired certification serving alcohol, the location could be shut down, and the employee and manager at fault can be fined or even jailed , a heavy cost to the business.
After uploading important documents into TimeForge HR, management can easily track certifications, qualifications, and training performed by staff members with TimeForge’s automatic reminders. When a certification is nearing expiration, management will receive notifications informing them that necessary certifications or training are nearing expiration and need to be renewed.
TimeForge HR allows managers to create documentation requirements specific to each position (or for each staff member) and when combined with our other products (such as TimeForge Scheduling or TimeForge Attendance), TimeForge HR will prevent unqualified staff members from being scheduled or clocking in without the necessary documentation being submitted to TimeForge (and management) first.
Sign up for a free trial of TimeForge today and let us handle your stack of paperwork, so you don’t have to!

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