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Reduce Turnover in Your Restaurant

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The number one reason managers quit a restaurant job is because of frustration associated with scheduling. After dealing with all the employee requests and working around personal schedules, managers invest large amounts of time and effort into a schedule which inevitably fails to make everyone happy. Some managers employ a “if the schedule doesn’t work for you, too bad” attitude to reduce their frustrations. This definitely reduces a manager’s stress, but… according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it directly increases turnover rates, which cost your business money. Whether managers accommodate employees or not, the frustration of scheduling reduces managerial job satisfaction. That dissatisfaction ultimately makes its way down the ranks to staff. But don’t worry! There are ways to reduce turnover in your restaurant.

Reducing restaurant turnover

According to Retensa, 94% of turnover is preventable, so money spent proactively on employee training, staff morale, career development, and staff-management communication can have significant return on investment by resulting in reduced turnover for your restaurant. TimeForge reduces the time and cost associated with accomplishing these vital employee hiring and retention tasks. TimeForge makes building schedules, tracking attendance, exporting and approving payroll and most other management duties fast and simple, which makes managers and staff happy!

Instead of dealing with inefficient and cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and paper logs, managers who use TimeForge feel less negative about scheduling. TimeForge saves management hours and eliminates errors. It also handles HR duties, including document and certification storage, schedule construction, and most labor management tasks.

With TimeForge, your staff will communicate better, work more efficiently, and eliminate costly mistakes associated with human error. Additionally, TimeForge helps make your business more green by drastically reducing paper usage. Being a green business has been shown to elevate staff morale and improve employee retention rate. Staff members (especially Gen Y employees) feel good about being associated with a company that’s environmentally conscious.

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