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New Labor Management Reports

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TimeForge now includes eleven (11) new reports , which are available in the TimeForge user accounts.   Reports are necessary to run your business, and TimeForge now has more than 60 reports available for TimeForge Max customers.
These new reports include the ability to review employee certifications (such as food safety or alcohol certifications, CPR, uniform sizes, or other types), compare attendance (actual work) to scheduled time, identify staff members who were not scheduled or did not work, review time off requests, and compare shift swaps by employee or position.   Enough information to run your business!
Certification Reports

  • Certification Test Date Report: View each employee’s certifications based on when certifications were taken, and easily locate which certifications need to be renewed.
  • Certification Expiration Date Report:   View certifications by employee and located expiring certifications, and those that need to be renewed.
  • Employee Certification Report:   On a list of all active employees, view the certifications that each employee has in their account.

Attendance vs. Schedule Reports

  • Attendance vs. Schedule:   Three new actual vs. schedule reports are available to TimeForge Max customers.   Check actual vs. schedule data by employee, or by date.   Compare individual shifts worked and scheduled, or view the labor data at a higher level by reviewing by position data for your store (or multiple stores).

Worked or Scheduled Reports

  • Who Did Not Work:   Identify which employees did not come to work during a time range.
  • Who Is Not Scheduled:   Identify which staff members were not scheduled during a time range.
  • Not Scheduled, with Attendance:   Locate employees who clocked in, but were not originally scheduled to work.
  • Was Scheduled, no Attendance:   Locate staff members who were scheduled to work, but didn’t actually clock in.

Attendance vs. Schedule by Employee Reports

  • Attendance vs. Schedule by Employee: Two reports are available to review employee schedules and attendance.   One report is a detail level report, showing each and every shift, with variance between hours scheduled and hours worked.   The other report is a summary by employee, also showing time worked, work scheduled, and the variance.

Shift Swapping Reports

  • Shift Swapping by Employee:   Which staff members are swapping shifts the most?   Identify which employees pick up, or give up, the most shifts.
  • Shift Swapping by Position:   Which positions are swapping shifts the most?   Identify which positions have the largest ratios of giving and picking up shifts.

Sick, Vacation, and PTO Reports

  • Employee Time Sheets, with Requests:   Review time off requests that occur one time, while viewing the individual time sheets for staff members.
  • Paid Time Off Report:   A PTO report that displays sick time, vacation time, and other PTO requests.

We are always adding new reports to allow you to quickly and easily manage labor issues.
You should be using a labor management product to make your life easier!   TimeForge can quickly and easily build your employee schedule, manage time and attendance, reduce labor costs, and streamline labor management.   Sign up for a trial today!

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