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Enforce Scheduled Positions and Clock In Times

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TimeForge can directly control labor costs – and improve the bottom line – at your restaurant, retail store, hotel, or other business by stopping employees from riding the clock.   TimeForge can disable early clock in’s by staff members, and can also stop late clock out’s.
To enforce the employee schedule, you must be using both TimeForge Attendance and TimeForge Scheduling together.   Inside of the TimeForge Attendance Options, you will find two options:

  1. Do you want to allow employees to clock in at any time, with any allowed position, regardless of their schedule?
  2. Do you want to allow employees to clock out at any time, regardless of their schedule?

The first option controls staff member clock-in’s, and if set to “Yes”, employees can clock in at any time.   The second option control staff member clock-out’s, and if set to “Yes”, employees can clock in at any time.   To stop employee’s from riding the clock, change both of these settings to “No”, and then set an appropriate grace period.
Employees who are clocking in must clock in during their grace period, and if they are too early for their shift, a manager needs to let them in.   The same is true of clocking out!
TimeForge also requires that employees clock-in using the scheduled position, in addition to the time clock enforcement.
You can enforce the labor schedule using the standard time clock within TimeForge, or any other supported timeclock functionality, such as the TimeForge Online Time Clock, Dinerware Point of Sale, TimeClock Mode within TimeForge Attendance, and others.   In fact, you can also use our biometric fingerprint scanner with schedule enforcement!
Use this TimeForge enhancement to control labor costs by removing the ability for employees to ride the clock!
Are you using a labor management product to make your life easier?   TimeForge can quickly and easily build your employee schedule, manage time and attendance, reduce labor costs, and streamline employee management.   Sign up for a trial today!

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