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TimeForge Attendance Improvements

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Many of TimeForge’s November and December updates included improvements to scheduling, enhanced multi-unit capabilities, additional Point of Sale capabilities, and new training videos.
We have also been hard at work on many improvements to TimeForge Attendance.   TimeForge Attendance is a labor management software tool that focuses on employee time cards and managing payroll expenses.   Employees can clock in and out using the system, managers can review staff timecards, and then managers can approve the employee time punches for third party payroll processing.
If you are using a standard time clock, or are having staff write their arrival, departure, and lunch breaks on a piece of paper, switching to TimeForge Attendance will save you hours of headaches each and every week!
Some of the most recent improvements to TimeForge Attendance include:

  • Several new TimeForge Attendance tutorials are online and available for your review! Don’t get lost or confused about how to edit time cards, modifying clock in parameters, or setting up IP addresses for restricting employee time punches.   Review the TimeForge Attendance guide (videos are coming soon), and read about all of these profit saving topics.
  • Quickly identify employee time punches and problematic time cards using the TimeForge Most Different notifications. As you process and approve / export payroll, TimeForge automatically identifies different (or strange) time punches, and ranks each shift based on how different the shift is from the other staff member time punches.   Managers and payroll supervisors can use the “Most Different” field to quickly identify potential problems before cutting checks for staff members.
  • Show the last person to edit or change time card data. All time card changes are recorded and can be viewed in the TimeForge Daily Log by qualified managers.   However, you can now easily review which manager (or supervisor) most recently modified any specific time card entry.   Reduce fraud and and identify compliance issues immediately.
View the last manager to edit a time entry
  • Identify hours worked on the Clocked-In Employees page. You now have the choice to manage labor by scheduled or actual labor costs, or by the scheduled or actual labor hours while you are reviewing who is clocked in, or which staff members were previously clocked in during the business day.
Review Worked Hours and Total Costs
  • Manage attendance and timecards by departments. When you have a large number of staff members, managing your labor can be complicated.   You can now browse and edit staff time sheets based on the department that you are interested in reviewing.

Edit Attendance by Department

Look for more information about recent improvements to TimeForge Attendance very soon.   We continue to improve the software so that you can manage your workforce effectively, and go home early!
You should be using a time and attendance system to make your life easy! TimeForge can quickly and easily manage time cards, employee attendance, and export payroll for processing.   Sign up for a trial today to use TimeForge Attendance to track employee time.

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