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TimeForge Labor Management Software Improves Company – Sarah's Story

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My first restaurant job was as a server. This job taught me many things. I acquired skills to provide great customer service, I learned the work it takes to run a business, and most importantly I became very hardworking.
I worked for the company for two years and I learned a lot about the restaurant business. I enjoyed working for the company and the job helped pay for part of my college tuition. Throughout the years everything seemed great on the outside.
The restaurant was busy and the customers were happy. But on the inside the business was having some financial troubles. This was due to the economy and poor management. These problems resulted in new owners.
The transition came with lots of changes, some good and some bad. The good was the use of TimeForge labor management software. The bad was the new dress code, Hawaiian shirts. Some of the changes were stressful and frustrating but TimeForge labor management software resolved these problems.
TimeForge kept the company organized, scheduled, and increased efficiency. The software made the lives of myself and my coworkers easier. After the awkwardness of wearing an unfitted shirt with flowers on it wore off, TimeForge helped the restaurant return to the great company it once was.

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