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The concept of POS2GO dates back to 1996, when the company exclusively sold POS installation services. Back then, the company installed POS systems across the United States for locations like the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the US Open Tennis Stadium, the Cincinnati Airport, and the Oklahoma City Airport. With excellent service, POS2GO expanded rapidly, and decided to offer its clients Aloha, a little-known pioneer in the transition to Windows-based POS systems. Needless to say, Aloha exploded in popularity. POS2GO grew alongside it, selling Aloha to restaurant and food service operators in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, quickly becoming one of the largest Aloha dealers in the United States.
In 2002, POS2GO found itself a new Aloha: Dinerware. The company describes the discovery of Dinerware as “a story about the ‘moment’ that changed the course of their business”, citing the ease of use and reliability as “never seen in POS software”.
In addition to their excellent services, POS2GO currently provides POS hardware and software to businesses. POS2GO maintains their original focus, so notable excellence in service remains a core principle of their company.

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