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How to take the stress out of scheduling

The more I interact with restaurant and retail managers, the more I realize that everyone has their own style of labor scheduling. Some people really enjoy the ability to copy and paste in Excel. Some people prefer to handwrite their schedules. Some people schedule based on employee preferences. TimeForge can accommodate the vast majority of managerial scheduling preferences. One option TimeForge offers is the Bid Shift.

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Benefits of Bid Shifts

A TimeForge Bid Shift is a way for managers to let their employees know that there’s a shift up for grabs, and allow the employees to bid on the shift, like an auction. Bid Shifts can be “first come, first served”, meaning the first person who bids automatically wins. Or, managers can receive bids from every interested employee and pick the winner.

Bid Shifts are a great way to keep managers and employees happy. Employees get to decide which shifts they want to work, and managers get the coverage they need without having to worry about scheduling their employees for shifts they can’t or don’t want to work. Everybody wins!

Coupling Bid Shifts with alerts when employees are nearing overtime or their maximum hours is a great way to take the stress out of scheduling. You know your employees are getting the hours they need, because they’re essentially picking their own shifts, and you know they aren’t getting too many hours, because you’re being alerted when you need to stop scheduling employees for a pay period.

TimeForge has several other options to accommodate the scheduling preferences of each and every manager. Take a look at the AutoSchedulerShift Swaps, and ShiftBuilder features!

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