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Online Document Storage for Alcohol Service Licenses

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Easily keep Track of Alcohol Licenses and Certifications with TimeForge

Did you know that TimeForge offers online document storage as part of its feature-rich Human Resources module? It does! TimeForge HR helps simplify hiring and onboarding in a number of ways. It makes organizing HR files, such as resumes, handbooks, and signed offer letters, a breeze. It also excels at keeping track of certifications and licenses, too. In this post, we describe some of the ways in which TimeForge helps you keep track of alcohol licenses in particular.

Online Document Storage and Alcohol Licenses

The sale of alcohol can boost profits in the service industry whether a business serves beer, wine, or liquor. However, many states have rules about the sale of alcohol. These rules include hours during which alcohol can be served, how many drinks a customer can have per visit, and which license(s) the business or its employees must hold.

Additionally, some employers may choose to require certs that aren’t strictly mandated by law. In the state of Texas, for example, many employers require their employees to maintain a 2-year TABC certification in order to serve alcohol to guests.

Because alcohol licenses must be easy to access and renewed regularly, online document storage is ideal. TimeForge HR helps keep track of who has what license, and it can even send alerts when licenses are about to expire.

Store Different Types of Licenses

In TimeForge, the category “certifications” applies to many types of HR files. Examples include training certs, driver’s licenses, and other docs that must be maintained or renewed on a regular basis. Anything that has an end date can be categorized as a certification in TimeForge. This includes alcohol licenses of any type.

With our software, you can assign a license requirement to all employees or only those positions for which it is needed. Then, when you hire a new staff member, you can quickly see what docs they need to obtain or upload as part of their onboarding. Once the employee uploads the license or cert, TimeForge stores the document as proof that it was filed. And because TimeForge is based in the cloud, you can check employees’ files from anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to be at the office standing in front of a filing cabinet.

Send and Receive Alerts for Expiring Licenses

When an expiration date is applied to an alcohol license, TimeForge can automatically alert the employee when the doc is about to expire. You can even alert them multiple times. For example, you might alert the employee once at the 30-day mark and again a week before the license expires. You can also alert managers at the same time – or at different times, as preferred. Auto alerts are one of the best reasons to adopt an online document storage system. They make it easy to stay on top of required paperwork.

With TimeForge, there’s no need to keep track of separate calendars and file folders just for employee certs. Our software stores all docs and deadlines a centralized filing and tracking system.

Enforce Licenses for Specified Positions

Did you know that TimeForge lets you enforce certs? If you enforce an alcohol license for a particular position, for example, TimeForge will prevent an employee from clocking in or being scheduled until they have have renewed that license. This ensures that your business is always in compliance.

Allow Employees to Manage their Licenses

Another way TimeForge excels at online document storage is by allowing employees to manage their own licenses in the system. If allowed, an employee can view their files and upload renewed licenses to their profile. This is a sure way to help ease your managers’ workload while still giving them oversight over required documents.

Ready to take advantage of online document storage?

If you’re already using TimeForge, a member of our Customer Success Team can help get you set up with our Human Resources module. If you’re not already using our best-in-class scheduling and timekeeping software, we’d love to give you a full demo! Give us a call at 866-684-7191.

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