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Digital Red Books: Benefits of online manager logs

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Also known as digital “red books,” online manager logs serve as an essential tool for tracking operations, staff, and customer issues. If you manage a business in hospitality or retail, you need a manager log to stay organized and informed. Many businesses now embrace digital log books, which offer robust options for analyzing your notes and automatically recording schedule changes. Below, we discuss some of the benefits of using online manager logs in today’s fast-paced world.

Communication and Consistency of Service

In the restaurant and retail industries, an effective manager’s log book leads to better service. It does this by improving communication across shifts and even across stores. Each manager, and the team members under them, will be better prepared for their shift by knowing what happened previously. A digital log book helps keep everyone on the team informed of issues or potential issues, such as policy changes, low supplies, customer complaints, and broken equipment. This, in turn, helps ensure consistency of service from shift to shift, day to day.

With that in mind, businesses need to give thought to the best format for a manager’s log book. It’s not enough anymore for managers to merely have a series of written paper notes in a binder somewhere. Paper notes may be disorganized, difficult to read, and not present detail in a coherent manner for other managers to make sensible decisions on the spot. Paper notebooks can also be lost, stolen, or damaged, as well.

Why Your Manager’s Log Book Should Be Digital

Businesses benefit from digital “red books” in many ways. Because online log books are cloud based, managers can easily share notes across shifts and store locations. In addition, some notes can be flagged for managers only and won’t be seen by all employees. Moving these functions online both streamlines the log book and makes it easier to access and read important notes – any time, anywhere.

You do not have to worry that a digital log book will get lost or stolen. Once the log entry is posted, you can access it over the cloud any time you need to. It’s always there. Moreover, having the log entries in digital form allows you to see what comments have been addressed and which notes are more important. You can organize your entries in a way that helps improve productivity, and you can search them quickly and easily for answers. You can even get a sense for how your business is doing over time.

Finally, online manager logs are especially useful for reporting and compliance. A good manager log will provide historical data and trends and help you track important markers, too.

The Daily Log: A Digital Manager Log and More

Did you know? Our labor management software offers a robust manager’s log book option called the TimeForge Daily Log. It actually serves as a manager, staff, and audit log all in one. Because it’s an online log, it suffers from none of the problems of pen and paper log books or binders. And, it has all of the advantages of a digital log book. Contact us today to learn how our software can improve the efficiency of your business.

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