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Owners and operators in the restaurant and retail industries run into a widespread complication with Point of Sale (POS) systems. Advanced POS systems can take some time to understand – and managers are too busy to spend time figuring out the systems.
As David Scott Peters mentioned in a blog post on FOHBOH (Front of House, Back of House), a clear comprehension of your Point of Sale system is an indispensable necessity. Peters reminds us that POS systems can accomplish numerous chores, such as managing inventory, locating ideal food costs, controlling labor costs, and more!
One subject that Peters did not mention is that there are frequently radical capability dissimilarities between the different Point of Sale providers. Some systems do have built-in food costing, inventory, and labor management modules, but numerous others do not have these options.
In most cases, it is desirable to select and use a best-of-breed solution created explicitly for the assignment at hand. For example, CostGuard continues to manufacture and keep up an unparalleled inventory management system available for restaurants, clubs, and bars. TimeForge labor management software is fabricated from the ground up to make labor management and employee scheduling a cinch for retail and restaurant operators.
Do you have in-depth integration with your Point of Sale or Property Management system? All of our products have a complete web API, and we have pre-built integrations for a number of systems, including Retailix ISS45, IBM ACE, Aloha, Micros, Dinerware, Restaurant Manager, POSitouch, and several others.
TimeForge is the perfect restaurant scheduling software product for single or multiple locations, for franchise groups, and for corporate locations. TimeForge becomes a complete labor management software product when integrated with your Point of Sale system – synchronizing staff members, enabling one-click payroll exports, and scaling from a single owner-operator to hundreds of international locations. You’ve found the solution for your restaurant scheduling needs!
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