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Restaurant Scheduling Software That Uses Biometrics?

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by Stacy Malone, Marketing Intern
Did you know that restaurant scheduling software can employ the use of biometrics? Welcome to the future! The process of tracking information through human characteristics has risen in popularity in recent years. We now have easier access to all sorts of biometric technology to help improve our lives. From our hospitals, to our cell phones, to our workplaces – biometric technology is really catching on. Why is it becoming so popular? Part of the reason is that it’s so affordable to implement biometric technology, but the other reason is that it makes things a lot easier.
Even restaurant scheduling software, such as TimeForge, can benefit from the use of biometric technology. For instance, a biometric time clock allows an employee to step up to it, and place a finger on the scanner. After the fingerprint is scanned, the employee will have the option to enter his or her unique passcode. Then, click a button labeled “Clock In”, and that’s it. The employee is done! The biometric time clock will clock him or her in and send that information to your restaurant scheduling/time and attendance software. The use of both fingerprints and unique passcodes will eliminate “buddy punching”.
There are many different options for incorporating biometric technology into the workplace. Two of those options are biometric clocks and fingerprint scanners. A biometric time clock can be mounted on a wall and connected to a computer through an Ethernet cable. A fingerprint scanner can be connected to a computer with a USB cable. Both options are available with TimeForge! Attendance tracking can be incredibly accurate with the use of biometrics. Start using TimeForge’s biometrics to track your employee attendance through a restaurant scheduling software today!

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