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Sales Numbers – A Week at A Time

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by Gurkan Ozfidan

If you are not already familiar with how to enter various sales numbers in TimeForge, I would suggest reading this Sales Guide before reading this blog, because specific features and pages within the Sales module will be discussed here.

In the TimeForge Sales module, you can manually enter both projected and actual sales numbers for each day. Let’s say you are a manager, and you would like to enter your projected gross sales numbers for the upcoming week. You could navigate to the Manager Projections page and input the numbers for each day, one at a time. Although this feature is useful, it can become cumbersome when entering numbers for extended periods of time. Entering sales numbers could become even more cumbersome if you like to enter them for each department within your business separately.

TimeForge has a feature that helps you enter your sales numbers for each department separately. The way it works is that you define your percentage portion for each department. Once you have all percentages in place, you can select an “All Departments” option and enter the total sales for each day. TimeForge will save the sales numbers for each department based on the percentages you’ve allocated. This feature is useful because it makes entering sales numbers for each department as easy as entering them for the entire location.
At TimeForge, we always look for easy-to-use improvements for our users, and we have recently added a new feature that allows you to enter your sales numbers for an entire week in one step. It used to take seven steps. The way it works is similar to defining department percentages. To be able to save the sales for a week in one step, you need to define daily percentages (totally 100% for the week) for each Sales Category. Once the daily percentages are defined for the selected Sales Category, you should see a “Total weekly sales” input box on your Manager Projections and Actual Figures pages. You can enter the sales number for the week into that input box and click the “Calculate Weekly” button. TimeForge will then distribute the total sales number for the week across each day, based on the percentages that have been set up. If the selected sales type is department-level and department percentages are already defined, then sales figures for each day will be distributed among the departments as well.

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