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Build Employee Shifts with Sales Forecasting

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
Ever schedule too many employees for a shift?  How about too few?  It’s awful to spend money on unnecessary labor or to feel like you’re buckling under pressure because you don’t have enough coverage.  Enter: TimeForge!  TimeForge’s sales forecasting feature enables managers to build employee shifts with sales forecasting, based on the number of transactions, sales, or whatever you would like for that day.
First, managers set up a sales category.  This can be categorized as currency, inventory, or other.  After this is created (and managers can create as many as they would like), ShiftBuilder Rules need to be created.  A ShiftBuilder Rule states that based of “x” number of a sales category, then “x” number of specific employees are needed.  For example, for every $100 in transactions, 1 server is needed.  Depending on your ShiftBuilder Rules, you can set it up so that if there are $500 in transactions, 5 servers will be needed.  The software will schedule accordingly when using the ShiftBuilder.  To use the ShiftBuilder in conjunction with ShiftBuilder Rules, simply open the ShiftBuilder in the Daily View and select what sales category and type you would like your schedule to be based on.
But where does TimeForge get the numbers that are used to generate those shifts?  Well, one of three places.
1.  A manager can put in manager predictions of the expected transactions/sales/other for that day for every hour or every quarter hour.  The shift builder will then pull these numbers and generate shifts based off the shift rules.
2.  TimeForge learns the more it is used.  After it has been in use for several weeks, the software will begin to make its own predictions.
3.  TimeForge can pull sales data from a point of sales system.
The use of sales forecasting, no matter the method used, greatly increases a company’s productivity. TimeForge makes it easy to schedule staff based on forecast sales.  No longer will managers be taken by surprise when they are short staffed or have too many employees.  Instead, TimeForge schedules the perfect amount of employees needed.  Less hassle, less stress, more time to be on the floor!

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