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Scheduling Options with TimeForge

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Building an employee schedule can use hours of your time each week. Unfortunately, after investing extensive periods of frustrating work and paid management time, costly errors and dissatisfied employees are often still the result. Thanks to our most highly celebrated product, TimeForge Scheduling, developing an employee schedule becomes one of the fastest and easiest aspects of your labor management routine!
TimeForge Scheduling gives you four options to find the best employee for the shift. You can leave a shift “Open“, up for “Bid“, use the “AutoScheduler™“, or manually select a particular employee for a shift.
1. “Open” Shifts are not visible to non-management staff members and require fulfilment by a manager. Open shifts are place holders for work to be done by an employee and are best used when you haven’t decided which employee to assign yet.

Use Open Shifts as place holders when creating a schedule.

For example, an Open shift can be created on your schedule and assigned to a position (such as a Restaurant Waiter or Bank Teller). The schedule can then be posted and sent out to staff members without filing this Open shift. At any time, when you decide which employee should work the Open shift, you can come back to the schedule and assign the appropriate staff member, automatically triggering TimeForge to notify the newly assigned staff member. Open shifts allow management to plan for capacity and unknown scheduling circumstances.
2. Bid Shifts give you the ability to make the allotted shift visible to all qualified staff members, who can then bid on the shift, like an auction. TimeForge Bid shifts are a way to allow staff members to build their own schedule, saving you the hassle of needing to assign staff members to every shift.
Use Bid Shifts to let employees choose when they want to work.

For example, a Bid shift can be picked up by several qualified staff members, providing you with a list of multiple employees to choose from who want to work the Bid shift. After employees bid on the available shift on the shift-swapping page, management will be notified who has bid on it and can then make a selection from those staff members. Once the manager has chosen an employee to work the shift, TimeForge automatically notifies them according their customized notification preferences – TimeForge can contact your employees through Facebook, email, or text message!
3.   AutoScheduler is an automated solution to solve your scheduling problems. The AutoScheduler™ feature lets you sit back, relax and watch the software do the scheduling for you. All you have to do is select the shift time that needs to be filled, and TimeForge will automatically assign the shift to the best staff member for the job.
Autoschedule shifts to have the best employee for the shift automatically assigned.

The AutoScheduler™ will assign shifts based on a number of factors including historical scheduling patterns, fairness, seniority, availability, labor costs, scheduling practices, skill levels, weekly hours, overtime, and a number of other factors that optimize your schedule to be the most effective and budget-friendly schedule possible.
4. Assign the employee yourself if there is a specific employee you prefer to work that shift. When building the schedule, TimeForge will give you a list of all employees who are available to work the shift, so you can just click on their name to schedule them!
Select from the list of available employees if you want someone specific to work a particular shift.

Assign employees yourself, use Open, Bid, or AutoScheduled shifts, or use any combination while scheduling!
TimeForge makes quick work of your labor management needs so you can focus on running the floor and motivating employees!
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