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As you may have noticed, the latest version of TimeForge looks a little different than you’re used to. We’ve added to the Today tab to make your labor management even easier! The TimeForge Today tab is the dashboard for your location and automatically appears when you log in to your TimeForge account. It’s like the hub of your TimeForge operations and shows you the relevant information about your labor management.
You can use the Today tab to access features that apply to your TimeForge account settings. You can clock in/out, view unread messages, see the week’s schedule, check your local weather information, and navigate to all other areas of your TimeForge account.
1. Clock in or out. Using TimeForge Attendance, you can clock in or out from the Today page. When you log in to TimeForge, the Today tab will automatically be the first thing you see, and on the right side of the page there will be a box with the option to clock in. Simply select your position from the drop down menu and click “clock in”.

Easily and quickly clock in or out from the Today tab!

Don’t have TimeForge Attendance?
2. View messages. Using TimeForge Messaging, we will automatically let you know if there are any messages you need to read. The message notification box is in the center of the page!
Quickly check for unread messages from other managers!

Don’t have TimeForge Messaging on your account?
3. See the day and week’s schedule information. Quickly check the week’s employee schedule information, including the number of employees scheduled, unconfirmed shifts, shift swaps waiting for your approval, and other pertinent information for the week. The day’s schedule is also accessible, and we’ll show you who is scheduled, who is clocked in, the difference between the two, and how this affects your bottom line!
Quickly view your daily or weekly schedule and attendance information from the Today tab.

4. View your local weather information. Immediately when you log onto TimeForge, you can check out your local weather information for the current and next day. The Audit Log will store this information so that you can look back and see how weather affects your business!
View your local weather information on the Today tab.

5. Navigate to all other areas of your TimeForge account. Using the tabs at the top of the page (next to the Today tab), you can navigate to all other areas of your account, so you can make schedules, manage attendance, access your Daily Log, check sales figures, and access all of the other features that simplify labor management for you.
Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to all areas of your TimeForge account.

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