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The TimeForge TimeClock is a useful tool for restaurants and retail stores. The TimeClock uses a powerful fingerprint scanner to clock in and clock out employees, eliminating all costs associated with buddy punching. Additionally, management can easily calibrate the time clock so that employees are not allowed to clock in until their shift opens, eliminating unexpected labor costs. The TimeForge TimeClock offers unrivaled ease of use, with simple set up and simple access. The product communicates with store computers, allowing managers access to all of the TimeForge Time Clock information from any location at any time through the TimeForge website. Managers modify attendance, create sales projections, build schedules, and more through the site from any internet-enabled device or computer. The most radical advance by the forward-thinking company is the ability for remote access, letting managers track their figures off-site. TimeForge makes labor management easy.
TimeForge reduces the amount of time managers spend in the office. Using the TimeForge TimeClock, managers can be sure that their attendance is accurate and foolproof. By cutting down their “babysitting” time, managers will have more time to be on the floor with customers and manage employees effectively. This will improve their company’s bottom line through better customer service and reduced turnover. “The request for a physical standalone time clock came from one of our clients, and I thought it was a great idea,” commented TimeForge owner Anthony Presley. “By allowing managers to check on their attendance from anywhere and rest assured that no buddy-punching is occurring, we can help our clients really kick their operations into high gear.”
Managing attendance has always been easy with TimeForge. Now that TimeForge offers a time clock, managers can instantly see all of the attendance information through the TimeForge system. Since TimeForge is internet-based, this information is now securely accessible in real time from any location. Managers can see which employees are clocked in, running late, clocked in early, or are riding the clock, all from their smart-phone or home computer.
Managing sales is easier than ever with the TimeForge-Aloha fusion. All sales information normally accessible through Aloha, like net, gross, and adjusted sales, can be viewed from anywhere. Business owners can even require that managers approve Aloha time punches to minimize buddy punching and other abuses of attendance systems. Managers can even send payroll or multi-location payroll with one click.
A manager or owner can simply contact TimeForge through the website or phone to order a time clock and set up his or her account. Immediate sales monitoring, attendance verification, and schedule modifications can be done from anywhere. This promises to be a great advancement for business owners who are concerned about the time managers spend in the office.
Labor management can be easy, with simple monitoring of attendance, accurate sales tracking, and fast scheduling for any business. Setting up the system is fast, and saves businesses a lot of revenue. Since it is so easy to use, TimeForge helps managers get back on the floor and out of the office, for good. Sign up for a free trial today!

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