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TimeForge Breaks Make Your Life Simple

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In many states/localities, employees receive paid and/or unpaid break periods and possibly meal periods according to the law. Our Breaks feature allows management to set up rules which govern these employee breaks and meal periods, letting managers know when to grant breaks to on-duty or scheduled employees.

Scheduling Breaks

With our revolutionary Breaks module, employers can add their state or company’s “Break Rules” or “Meal Period Rules” and delegate whether the break is paid or unpaid, optional or required. After adding the necessary breaks, TimeForge can automatically place them on the schedule, and will stagger the breaks to keep employees from all taking the breaks at the same time.   Alternatively, managers can specify each break individually.
Using TimeForge Breaks, with TimeForge Scheduling, business owners and management can:

  • Specify breaks based on hours worked, position, or duration of work scheduled.
  • AutoScheduler™ can quickly stagger breaks for each scheduled shift.
  • Schedule and manage both paid and unpaid, and optional and required breaks.
  • Print break reports and worksheets to track employee signatures.

Taking Breaks:

Employees can begin or end their break with the touch of a button inside of TimeForge.   Managers can set options to allow to employees to take breaks based on the scheduled break settings, or staff can select what kind of break they will be taking, (paid / unpaid, required / optional).   If preferred, management can print out the break worksheet and capture employee signatures for any waived or new breaks.
Using TimeForge Breaks, with TimeForge Attendance, business owners and management can:

  • Track employees’ breaks (paid, unpaid, optional, required, etc.) for labor reporting.
  • Automatically take breaks based on the schedule if staff forget to break in or out.
  • Simple one-click conversion of unpaid breaks to paid breaks (and vice versa).
  • Real time web and mobile view of labor and which staff members are on break.


TimeForge can automatically stagger staff member breaks when you add them to the staffing schedule, ensuring that the front of the house is never left empty and customers without service.
Because attendance breaks (time tracking and time punches) are often different from the scheduled breaks, TimeForge allows you to also see a display of employees’ breaks based on the scheduled hours with our Break Report, and track breaks that employees have taken, or should take, based on the staff members scheduled work hours with our printable Break Worksheet Report. Our detailed and comprehensive reports make it simple and to view employees’ habits and work histories.
Managers and business owners can opt to be alerted if staff members do not take their scheduled breaks on time.   For example: If an employer set TimeForge to alert after 15 minutes of non-compliance with the break rules, and an employee is scheduled to take a break at 1 pm, TimeForge will send an alert at 1:15pm if the staff member has not yet taken the schedule break.
These reminders and alerts will ensure compliance with state and union required break rules – potentially circumventing costly fines and lawsuits.
Use the TimeForge Breaks module with our online labor management programs – Scheduling, Attendance, and Human Resources, to easily manage your staffing needs.   With TimeForge’s innovative online software, business owners and management are always at the top of their game. TimeForge makes quick work of painful tasks, like break management – saving business owners valuable time and effort.   Try TimeForge today!

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