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Simple and easy communication between the management team and the staff members is a requirement for every business, in any industry.
It is important to keep track of daily notes, task lists, todo items, and sticky notes in every business – big or small, independent or chain. The task of managing all of these items is quickly cumbersome for all but the most disciplined staff members.
Scheduling human resource tasks, upcoming maintenance events, human resource tasks, management meetings, and other necessary items across multiple shifts (where the manager or staff member that created the event may not be the person responsible for the event) quickly becomes a management nightmare.
And, as your business grows, keeping up with the pile of paperwork and small notes can quickly become a nightmare.
Many businesses tackle the tornado of paper and notes by raiding the local office supply store – lab notebooks, 3-ring binders, and other similar products. While these paper products are very cheap, the disadvantages are obvious:

  • Paper products will tear and can be destroyed with any mild abuse.
  • Writing with pens or pencils can be smudged or unreadable by spilling a drink, or with wet hands
  • Searching through dozens of paper notebooks for historical data is impossible..
  • Staff who use ink pens will scratch out notes from other employees, making notes unreadable.
  • Notebooks are easily be lost in a back office under piles of other notes.
  • Handwriting that is made in a hurry can be unreadable minutes, or months, after the note is made.
  • Organizing notebook or 3-ring binder notes into categories on a day-by-day basis is cumbersome at best.
  • Multiple location / multi-store operators have no insight into the day-to-day operations of individual locations without faxing and scanning pages back and forth.

In most cases, the paper log book is simply insufficient for modern businesses. Many niche businesses provide organized paper notebook equivalents of the 3-ring binder or lab notebook, like Red Book Solutions and CommLog. While these product are somewhat better than the paper notebooks available at your local office supply store – all of the disadvantages of the paper process remain. In addition to the paper problem, these pre-printed log books are organized in a format that may, or may not, work for your business.
The TimeForge Daily Log is a superior solution to organize the notes and todo tasks at your business.

Use the TimeForge Daily Log for easy notes and communications

Use the Daily Log as your manager log and staff log – and for much more.   Read more about the TimeForge Daily Log!

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