How to Use Videos for Effective People Management

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Videos are used in all aspects of a business to ensure success, from training to communication of the company’s vision and goals. You should try to be as creative as possible when planning out video use.

However, you should add an element of professionalism too, as professional videos can have an even deeper impact on the audience. If you are a company looking forward to using videos in different factors of your business, you can do that in different ways.

For instance, you can launch a campaign using video, or you can motivate your employees using a video series. You can use videos for every part of your business, including sectors like people management.

For ideas, check out different intro video templates and pick one or multiple, depending on the number of videos you want to create for your employees. 

If you plan to use videos to manage your people better, you are in the right place. Read on to learn everything about using videos and making the people management aspect even more meaningful – and convenient. 

Challenges to People Management

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As more and more companies are moving to remote working, managing an organization’s employees is getting even more complex.

Also, the challenges often grow alongside team size. Due to the scale of operations and the working level, companies often struggle with imparting the values of teamwork.

Therefore, you need to develop innovative ways to keep employees on target and working toward the same goals. Also, you need to keep the employees motivated enough to work as a team.

Some other challenges of managing people at work include:

  • Onboarding a group of people together for a particular project, or getting them to join a particular workflow as a part of their job
  • Ensuring that all the employees are working towards achieving the organizational goals while not compromising on their personal goals
  • Answering all kinds of questions that the employees might have
  • Taking care of urgent requests by employees and management
  • Providing proper feedback to employees, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and the areas for improvement
  • Managing remote relationships and bringing a sense of connection among all the teammates

Most businesses face these challenges because they don’t have a channel to communicate effectively with their employees. This urgently needs a better communication tool where the company can articulate every aspect of the business, and the employees can understand it easily.

Hence, businesses are now using communication tools, including mobile apps and videos, to cope with these challenges.

You can create videos to address certain issues. Also, you can ensure that these videos are interesting and engaging enough to pique the interest of your employees.

For example, use an intro maker to create a visually appealing intro for the videos to create excitement among the employees.

Below are a few more ideas to help you get started.

Ways to Use Videos for Effective People Management

A word cloud with VIDEO in the cente, surrounded by related business topics.

There are different ways in which you can use videos in the field of people management and keep your employees motivated and engaged. You can use these methods to manage your people more efficiently. Using video can also help raise brand awareness.

Let’s look at a few options for using video for effective people management:

Video Library

Different employees have different sets of queries, and it is not humanly possible to address all of these queries in person.

Therefore, you can create a video library and share access to the library with all your employees. You can record small videos on the common queries the employees might have, along with videos on the standard processes that are followed across the company.

The library will become a go-to resource for all employees if there are no human resources to clarify doubts or explain a process.

You can have a standard video template for videos that cover the different areas of a similar aspect. Based on the theme of the videos, you can experiment with intro video templates.

Create different libraries for different projects, processes, and systems. You can also have a different library for different teams and add team-specific information to that library. Develop a system of libraries that works well for your company.

TIP: Make sure your employees’ computers and monitors are in good working order. No one wants to watch a work video on a computer with a screen flickering often, for example. A slow machine, errors, or screen flickering can easily frustrate employees and undermine your efforts at communication.

Use Live Streaming

A chef recording video lessons.

 If you are organizing an interactive session or a town hall for the company, you must ensure that the event is accessible to all the employees of the company. Therefore, you must try to Livestream the event. Numerous live streaming tools can help you with the entire process.

You can try to include features like hand raises and chat, using which the employees can engage better with the event. Adding closed captions in common languages can make the event even more inclusive.

These features come in handy when you have a presence across countries and want almost all the employees across geographies to participate. Also, you can record the event for those who couldn’t attend the event due to any other commitments. 

Record your Videos

 Recording important meetings can solve several problems. They improve the coordination among team members. Employees are a part of different meetings, and there is a very high chance that they might not retain most of the information.

To address the issue of retention, you must start recording all your meetings and other important sessions. You can create a separate section on the cloud to store this information.

You can invest in technologies that allow you to record all your meetings. However, if you only want the screen to be recorded, you can use a tool that only records the screen. These recordings will help you retain all the important discussions during the meeting. Also, you can go back to these recordings if you are stuck somewhere.

Effective People Management Relies on Good Communication

A team of smiling restaurant workers in a kitchen.

Videos have proved to be great resources for managing a team because many people respond well to video communication.

If the organization’s size is huge or your employees are working remotely, you need to manage them well so that every activity happens on time. We hope this post on using videos for effective people management inspired you!

If you’re interested in creating a more effective team no matter the size of your business, we’re here to help. Our labor management communication tools can improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

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Table of Contents

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