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Musings on Oscar Wilde and Restaurant Schedule Software

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By Donald Calvin

Donald takes a break from helping improve and support the very best restaurant schedule software to ponder why he works here. We bet you’ve done the same!

Oscar Wilde once said, “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started asking myself if I feel the same way.

Growing up, I always envisioned myself having lots of money like celebrities do. Somewhere along the line, I stopped caring about having a lot of money and just wanted to be happy. And while I know many people feel the same way, money still has a constant hold on our lives. We need money to live a comfortable lifestyle, to eat, and to enjoy many of the luxuries that we do today. So when I consider Oscar Wilde’s quote, I start to wonder if money is still the most important thing to me.

Honestly, its hard to say. While I do think a lot of things take precedence over money, it is one of the things I think about most. How can I make it? How can a get more? Where is my money going?… and so on. It is an interesting situation we find ourselves in. Now, with these thoughts swirling in my head I begin to ask myself does money make me happy? The short answer for me is “yes”. Having money eases the struggle of wondering where my next meal is going to come from or how will I be able to pay rent this month. It adds a level of comfort in my life and removes many of the problems I used to face when I didn’t have much of it.

For this reason, when I hear people say that money doesn’t buy you happiness, I tend to disagree. So, I ask again: Is money the most important thing? While I do think it is very important, I would not say it is the most important. There are far more important things I care about than money and I never want to get to a place in my life where it controls me.

We build our restaurant scheduling software so that our customers can spend less time worrying about profits and labor costs and more time enjoying the things that profit provides. We know financial security is crucial to realizing your aspirations and we are happy to help you find it.


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