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Fair Workweek Compliance

Enjoy peace of mind with built-in, proactive fair workweek tools.

Take advantage of our fair workweek resources and industry expertise

If you operate in an area affected by fair workweek, we can help. Our employee scheduling and attendance software automates and enforces many aspects of labor law compliance to give you peace of mind.

From predictive scheduling rules to predictability pay, TimeForge makes it easy to maintain compliance. Our software can handle complex rules and will work for you, whether you operate on the west coast, east coast, or somewhere in-between.

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Our Fair Workweek eBook lays out the 5 things you need to start doing NOW to protect your business and stay compliant. 

We also explain what to look for in a labor management solution. Most solution providers will say they can handle the complex scheduling and pay rules involved in fair workweek, but the reality is: they can’t. We’ll tell you exactly how you can be sure you’re getting a solution that works.

Proactive compliance + reliable paper trails = better business

There are two major ways our software automates and addresses fair workweek compliance.

First, we help managers avoid non-compliant situations from happening in the first place. We do this by preventing non-complaint schedules and alerting managers of issues ahead of time.

Second, we automate fair workweek penalties and keep accurate paper trails. We understand that certain situations, such as changing the schedule at the last minute, will at times be unavoidable. To make things easier, we automatically track exceptions and add fair workweek premiums to employees’ hours so that they’re paid accordingly.

Everything is logged in a secure, online digital paper trail so that if you’re ever audited, you’ll have all the evidence you need to prove your compliance.

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Learn more about fair workweek

TimeForge automates fair workweek compliance for any city, state, or region, including but not limited to:

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As we like to say, “the proof is in the pudding.” Let our rockstar customer success team give you a live demonstration of TimeForge in action, tailored to your needs.
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