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This Fair Workweek eBook by TimeForge explains everything you need to know about fair workweek and how to maintain compliance.

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About the Fair Workweek eBook

If you’re in one of many states where fair workweek laws are in effect, you may be struggling to stay compliant.

Most scheduling and timekeeping tools aren’t designed to handle complex rules around overtime, “clopens,” and required meal and rest breaks. Even if your software warns you about potential problems, it likely does not automatically compensate employees for working outside the law-defined norm.

The following probably characterizes you or someone you know:

Your software provider told you their product could handle fair workweek, but you’ve come to find out that it can’t. Like many businesses, you’re struggling to keep up with employee premiums so that you don’t violate the laws and leave yourself wide open for an extremely costly lawsuit.

Sound about right? You’re not alone.

Many restaurant and retail businesses are coming to find out that their scheduling and attendance software can’t keep up with fair workweek legislation.

This is becoming more of a problem, as the fair workweek movement isn’t losing momentum – it’s here to stay.

This Fair Workweek eBook was written for people like you. If you’re just starting to learn about fair workweek, we hope this document will help guide you.

– The TimeForge Team

What’s in the Fair Workweek eBook?


This eBook covers the following topics:

  • What the term “fair workweek” means
  • How fair workweek got started
  • What fair workweek laws are, including examples
  • The cost of non-compliance
  • 5 Essential steps you need to take
  • Additional tips for staying compliant
  • How to be sure your software provider can handle fair workweek

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Fair Workweek eBook

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