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DUMAC RORC POS Integration

Track your labor and sales together when you integrate TimeForge with RORC POS



With 300 employees in 27 states, DUMAC provides total solutions for convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets around the country. RORC is DUMAC’s industry-leading POS, back office, and DSD software. Reliable and scalable, RORC POS is built on a strong user base that drives feature and product direction. RORC promises easy setup and maintenance, with its own dashboard, email alerts, built-in A/R, cash management, reporting, and more. Because it integrates easily with third-party tools, RORC pairs well with popular e-comm, loyalty, and mobile coupon solutions.

About the DUMAC RORC POS Integration

TimeForge integrates with DUMAC RORC POS to bring your sales and labor in sync. With our seamless sales integration into RORC V6, TimeForge provides a holistic labor management platform that scales with your business. Whether you just need “the basics” or a fully automated suite with labor compliance checking, our software empowers you to see your sales alongside your labor metrics in real time. Enforce staff scheduling, forecast your sales, and ensure you have the right people staffed when you need them the most. With our free Manager Mobile app for iOS and Android, you can take your data with you anywhere in the palm of your hand.

Let us take care of the tedious stuff.

Skip the manual data entry and save valuable time by integrating two great platforms that will work hard for you – together.