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About E-Verify Integration

E-Verify is a national program administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify the eligibility of employees for work. The federal government requires E-Verify for federal agencies, contractors, and vendors. At the state level, the requirements vary from state to state.

About the E-Verify Integration

Regardless of a state’s mandates, E-Verify provides several benefits to employers who use it. Because it uses SSNs to verify eligibility, it can help businesses avoid the costs of hiring and training those who might not be eligible to work. Additionally, employers using E-Verify in good faith cannot be held liable for discrimination or hiring illegal workers. The system guides the employer to only submit allowed documents and then validates them. Because of this, we recommend using E-Verify even if your state doesn’t require it.

Integration into E-Verify helps avoid some of the common pitfalls of using I-9 forms. It also protects employers from hiring ineligible workers. For example, TimeForge can prompt HR to have the employee fill out the form after the hire date and submit the I-9 prior to any expiration dates. In addition, TimeForge can validate that an I-9 form is correctly filled out.

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