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About Smart Retail Solutions / ProfitTrax

Smart Retail Solutions is the parent company of the ProfitTrax AI System/Solution System guaranteeing up to 15-18% shrink reduction and 2% sales gain for up to 200 basis points of added gross margin.

Everyone has data, ProfitTrax AI consolidates and interprets store data guaranteeing to improve Store Team Efficiency and Effectiveness and provide Operations, Merchandising and Loss Prevention clear, indisputable, easy use, “how to” direction to grow sales and profit without raising prices.

Why we love ProfitTrax

ProfitTrax BI and Best Practices Training Guarantees 5:1* ROI in just 120 days. Plus:

  • Guaranteed 15% Shrink Loss Reduction
  • It’s a SYSTEM for Store Operations Profit Improvement
  • Plain English, Data-driven Alerts targeting best practice breakdowns
  • Excellent Dashboards for data visualization and operational effectiveness
  • Best-in-Class reports and analytics Outstanding
  • Training and Support Cloud-based for anytime access

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