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Woods Supermarket Chooses ProfitTrax for Sales Improvement and TimeForge to Optimize Labor Efficiency

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Smart Retail Solutions and ProfitTrax announce that Woods Supermarket, a longtime partner and AWG Member, has chosen TimeForge as its labor management solution. By choosing ProfitTrax business intelligence / analytics for 15% guaranteed shrink reduction and TimeForge for easy-to-use labor scheduling and timekeeping, Woods Supermarket adds a powerful one-two punch to its Operations Effectiveness Strategy.

LUBBOCK, Tex. — 

Smart Retail Solutions and ProfitTrax are excited to announce that Woods Supermarket, an Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) Member, has chosen TimeForge as its labor scheduling and timekeeping solution. Utilized by businesses around the globe, TimeForge is the leading provider of sales-driven employee scheduling software and integrated labor management solutions for the grocery industry.

ProfitTrax, a longtime partner of Woods Supermarket and a best-in-class profit improvement solution, is responsible for bringing TimeForge and Woods Supermarket together.

“At ProfitTrax, our mission is to help retailers to grow their sales, reduce store shrink loss and improve workforce productivity to grow gross margins and profit,” said Larry Miller, President of ProfitTrax. “By partnering with TimeForge, we add one more solution to help us to live our mission and help our retailer partners. Our team worked with TimeForge to present their solutions to Woods Supermarket. TimeForge did an excellent, professional job of managing the initial steps of the pilot period.”

Doug Haworth, Vice President of Operations at Woods Supermarket, added, “We consider the team at ProfitTrax our profit improvement partners and trusted advisors, so when they recommended TimeForge for Time and Attendance and Scheduling, we were happy to listen. TimeForge proved to be a very feature-rich cost-saving solution, and their team is great to work with. After a successful pilot, we are rolling out TimeForge to all stores.”

In addition to TimeForge’s award-winning scheduling and timekeeping software, Woods Supermarket is also utilizing TimeForge’s retail-hardened timeclocks for fast, secure employee clock-ins at each store. The timeclocks prevent time and wage theft through cutting-edge biometrics and schedule enforcement.

“We’re truly grateful for the opportunity to serve Woods Supermarket alongside ProfitTrax,” said Audrey Hogan, Chief Operating Officer of TimeForge. “TimeForge and ProfitTrax each offer significant ROI on their own, but together we are greater than the sum of our parts; we’re a powerful expense reduction and profit improvement team. I’m excited to see Woods harness the power of this partnership for improved margin.”

By choosing ProfitTrax and TimeForge, Woods Supermarket receives best-in-class shrink prevention analytics and best practices training, and best-of-breed labor management for full-cycle operational optimization.


About TimeForge

TimeForge is a labor management software suite designed to meet the challenging demands of the retail and restaurant industries. The feature-rich yet user-friendly suite offers scheduling, communication, time clock, human resources, automated compliance, hiring, onboarding, and sales forecasting capabilities. TimeForge is affordable, easy-to-use, and serves both independent and chain operations in grocery, retail, restaurant, hospitality, and other industries. For more information, visit https://timeforge.com or follow @timeforge on Twitter.

About Smart Retail Solutions / ProfitTrax

ProfitTrax® is the flagship Profit Improvement BI and Best Practices Training “Action Alert” Solution developed by Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS, Enterprise Business Intelligence solution that guarantees sales improvement, shrink reduction, customer experience improvement and sustainable store profit improvement. The ProfitTrax advanced analytics interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and produces Plain English Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit http://smartretailsolutions.com.

Press Release published on GroceryDive.

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