TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions

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About TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions

TRUNO navigates grocers and supermarkets through the ever-changing world of retail technology. TRUNO’s expertly vetted product portfolio includes solutions in point of sale, margin management, productivity, digital commerce, and risk management, so they can deliver end-to-end technology solutions that can be crafted to meet the unique needs of each retailer.

What can TimeForge and TRUNO do for you?

Point of Sale Integrations

TimeForge’s integrations into point of sale solutions offered by TRUNO means that your business gets the power of integrated sales and labor in a turnkey solution. TimeForge integrates with NCR’s ISS45, ACS IR, and Toshiba’s ACE platforms, all sold and serviced by TRUNO’s retail experts.

DMA Backoffice and Store Solutions

TRUNO’s DMA solution provides enhanced visibility and detailed insights into item movement, inventory, and all aspects of your retail operations. Use DMA in your retail operation to aggregate data from across your existing systems so that it’s usable and actionable. Automate processes for better efficiencies and bigger profits. It’s your data, so bring all of it together into one centralized, usable and insightful solution.

Payroll Solutions

TRUNO’s WORX payroll solution makes compliance with state and federal tax laws easy. WORX lets you tailor tasks to your payroll cycle, automate cutting checks or sending direct deposits, track and process taxes, provide reports for simplified regulatory filings, and provides up-to-date definitions and standards for ACA compliance.

Best of all, TimeForge integrates with WORX. No more manual data entry between two platforms.

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Risk Management Solutions

TRUNO offers retailers solutions for risk management – with data security, loss prevention, health and safety, and business intelligence platforms. They also help grocers to move customer data outside of the store to a secure, off-site payment server so that you can protect your customers and limit liability of the store. TRUNO’s payment processing tools eliminate data breeches and point-to-point encryption offers added security and compliance. 

TimeForge for Franchisors

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